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It seemed one late night on the old road to Genting Highlands, before the new road was opened, a couple, husband and wife were driving downwards heading home after having their holidays. After passing a tunnel, their car began to have some weird sounds. Curious, the husband decided to stop along the roadside to check on the engine. The road was deserted as it was late at night. The husband opened the bonnet of the car and began examining the engine with his torchlight.
While the husband was busy finding out what happened to his car, the wife sat quietly in the car waiting for him. Some 15 minutes passed by and the husband was still busy with the car. The wife just sat there patiently, she was beginning to wonder what took him so long. The eerie silence was a little too much for her as there was not a single sound at all.
Suddenly, she heard a loud motor sound coming towards her car. In need of help, she called out loudly to the motorcyclist, who happened to be a policeman. She was shocked as the policeman rushed to her with a panic frenzy, opened her car door, and ordered her to quickly jump onto his bike. The wife hesitated at first, but seeing the policeman was in a state of shock, she followed his instructions obligingly.
Jumped onto his bike, she asked the policeman what was happening. He didn’t reply her, but ordered her not to ever look back to her car. As they sped down the road, the woman took a peek at the side mirror of the motorcycle, and there she saw the most horrifying thing — a pontianak with long hair and dressed in white was sucking her husband dry in front of the car!
This story happened years ago, when the old road to Genting was still at use. Now that the new road is opened and there are more cars than last time, the road isn’t as deserted as before, so do not worry about the pontianak. However, do take precautions, especially when you hear some weird noises coming out of your car……


This story was told by a friend in Kuching. The true incident happened at his kampung across the river from pending, which is nearby to the current toll bridge.

One day, back in the late 70’s, one of the kampung people who was working at the old JKR building in Pending (located at the current PUSPAKOM), was returning home from work. Back then there was no bridge connecting to the village and the only way to cross river was by “perahu tambang”.

As he reached the small jetty at his kampung, he saw another fellow villager, who is also his colleague at JKR, sitting under a tree nearby, motionless. Thinking that the friend probably fainted, he placed his friend’s head on his lap. He kept talking to his friend but there was still no response.

Upon further checking, he found that his friend was not breathing and there was no pulse. The friend was dead. Most probably by heart attack..

But suddenly, the eyes opened, starring directly at him. He panicked at first, but he then said “Stop this! Please respect the dead”. He knew what was going on. The friend had turned into a Hantu Bangkit !

You see, the friend that passed away has a family history of turning into hantu bangkit. As the other elderly kampung villagers said, he was cursed. It was said that long time ago, their descendant have one time chopped down a big kedondong tree (Kedondong - ambarella, otaheite apple, or great hog plum) that was blocking sunlight to their kampong. There were spirits living in the old tree and this made it unhappy. The man and his future generations were cursed into becoming hantu bangkit when they died.

The dead villager was buried immediately. The whole kampung villagers knew about the incident. After the funeral, everyone stayed home after dark, safely locking themselves in, as they knew the hantu bangkit will roam the kampung at night. True enough, upon checking the next morning, the kampung was filled footsteps with dirt from the very cemetery the dead villager was buried in. This goes on for 7 days.

My friend was in primary school when it happened and every elders at the kampung can still recall the incident.

So be careful when you chop down any old tree, you never know what might be living in it….

Hari Raya Visits

This incredible yet shocking encounter happened to my friend Siti and her family way back in 1993 in their five room flat in Bukit Jalil.
Siti had a spastic, elder brother, Khamis. Khamis was wheelchair bound as he was born paralyse waist down. His arms were skinny and bend in awkward position. He kept grinning and both his eyes looks in the opposite direction. Although in that condition, the family still didnt mind baby feed him for his whole life, for Siti and her family members are the responsible kind.
Khamis couldnt communicate well due to his disabilities and had to communicate using hand signals. He only knows how to made whining and moaning sounds.
One day, Khamis passed away due to brain cancer. He was given a proper Muslim burial. His departure was by coincidence as it happened on Thursday. The day that he was born which was how he was given the name Khamis(Thursday in Malay).His wheelchair was kept for the memory of him.
On that year later, on Hari Raya eve as the family was preparing for the celebration that night for the following day, Siti heard sound of wheel chair in one of the room. While all the family members was in the living room and the kitchen! The family was quite big, there was many people in the house so Siti didnt feel that scared.
She went to one of the room where she heard the sound and found Khamis's wheelchair creepily stood in the middle of the room. She knew that her mum had already kept and folded the wheelchair and put it beside the cupboard. But Siti just kept quiet and thought that it was probably one of her kids playing with it earlier.
That night sleeping she was wasnt sure of what she heard was a dream or real. She heard the fammiliar sound of Khamis voice in the living room.
The next day was Hari Raya, relatives and family members gathered at the house that morning. The celebration went on normally except of course there was no Khamis. They were wrong.
In the living room there was a very big antique mirror at the wall and what happened was... right in the middle of the family gathering that occured in broad daylight in full view of everybody, there was Khamis! A reflection of him in the mirror standing, grinning and looking with his eyes which stared in opposite direction and he seems to wear a white shroud! The kafan!
Everyone was shocked! The children started to cry, while some ladies fainted including Khamis's mother.At last some of the male family members muttered some prayer and the reflection of Khamis vanished as mysteriously as he appeared. By then some relatives had already ran out of the house!
The incident was the most clear and frightening ghostly encounter for it was not only seen by one person but many.The family made some prayers again for Allahyarham Khamis and prayed that may his soul rest in peace.
'Khamis' was never seen again.

Types of ghost In Malaysia


Hantu Penanggalan 

Kum Kum

Jumpa Langsuir, Pontianak dan Hantu Takde Kepala

Karak The Haunted Highway

Karak highway is famous of its haunted ghost story. One night, 4 college students, Nik, Zura, Jack & Ida is on their way to Kuantan. They feel frustrated to stuck in the hectic traffic, therefore they use the old Karak highway.

They stop on a village to buy some food while Jack went to look for toilet. On his way, he discover a young school boy and a Malay woman who drop her head off on the head. He freaked out and went back to his gang. They continue their journey but an old yellow volkwagen cut pass them twice, Jack loss his focus and try to avoid a kid on the middle of the road while the whole car crash down a slope.

Zura was threw out of the car and met a nanny ghost who chase after her till she met her 3 friends. They decided to walk back to the highway and saw a house in the middle of the woods. They went there and saw Tok Malam who own the house and agreed to let them stay there for one night. But inside the house, thing started to get worse. Zura wear a necklace and was caught by evil hair spirit in the room; Jack & Nik both were attack by an evil spirit who look like Zura; Ida went shower behind the house and was attack by the nanny spirit.

While Tok Malam ask the evil to let them alone. All 4 were back in the house to rest. They take turn to awake and guard and Ida is the first one. Ida was called by her brother's spirit who also met an accident on the Karak highway. She went out follow her brother, her brother blame her for cursing him and try to run over Ida with his motorcycle. Ida slip and fall down slope while poking her head through a stone.

Jack went out the house too finding his wound get worse and he kept on peeling off the skin and eat it. Zura awake and freak out when she found out Tok Malam is doing some magic in his room. Zura wakes Nik and both of them trying to run for escape. They ran through a cemetery and Nik fell into an empty graveyard. Multiple evil spirit including the nanny, malay lady & her son, Ida & Jack's spirit surrounded Zura. Zura freak off but was yell by Tok Malam at aside to read her Al-Quran by understanding the meaning. Zura read and scare the evil spirit away.

Next morning, Zura and Nik ran back to the highway. They saw ambulance at roadside and went to have a look. They discover that Nik was actually dead but his own spirit did not realize that. Tok Malam told Zura to let Nik spirit go.

A Girl Standing Behind the Old Office

A few years back, around 1989 (I was 12 years old, now 30) I was living in my dad's house (office, later was converted to a house). The house was owned by his boss. This incident happened on Saturday evening about 2:00pm. My house doesn't have water supply. Thus, we need to get the water from the factory nearby. It's about 800m from the factory to my house. It's always a headache for us to pick the water from bucket and have to walk about 800m every time we need the water. My parent decided to used a plastic hose. We fixed the hose to the factory water tap and to my house to get the water. This is how we used to have water supply. On the particular day, first my mom went alone to the factory. She returned home and expected to get the water from the hose. It's was not coming and my mom thought there was some leaking in somewhere. She insisted that me and my sister go and investigate why we didn't get the water supply, even when she turned on the pipe tap.

We were lazy. We used our bicycles instead to go to the place (the place was always scary and behind my house is a Muslim cemetery). While we were riding, we saw a woman dressed in Indian costume standing near the big tree and there is a wide drain in between the factory and the tree. We are the only Indian living there and no way any human being can enter that place as it was a very bushy area.

She looked very beautiful and standing at the corner of the office (just beside the factory). We were stunned. We slammed out our bicycle and ran all the way to home. We told our mom what happened. She was speechless and she also had gone through similar experiences when she entered to the factory. She heard someone calling ma.. ma.. maaa... (mom) in a male voice.

This is very very true story. I swear upon God that I saw that a young woman standing there. I never believed in ghost, from this incident onward I started believed in ghost and the strange happenings.
My other encounter was when I saw an very old and unusual tall man walking about 500 meters in front of me. I was on the way back from the temple. The time was about 2:00am, we had special prayers on the day and the temple is just walking distance.

Another one happened in the house I'm living now. Also considered as haunted, I always heard some noises in the middle of night. My dog keeping barking unconditionally at night and and I saw white smoke around my kitchen.

Yesterday, I was in the bathroom taking a shower. Suddenly, my bathroom door was pulled by someone (it's nearly open). I was stunned. I grabbed my clothes and I screamed at my niece for pranking me. But she was in my living room playing with her little doll. No one at home. Only me and she.

Ghosts exist. We can feel their existence. But they are not so strong as OUR BELOVED GOD. Trust him. Be brave when you happens to encounter such incident. Again forgave me for my English. Have nice day!